Updates, June 2015

Updates, June 2015

Costa Rica – February, 2015

It’s June 30th, and I’ve now realized a month has passed since I published my last post, and I’ve also realized the year is over half over.  I’ve been writing a lot, but nothing complete that I’m ready to publish.  However, I do have a few updates I want to share.

The domain has moved from pjkdirect.com to patjk.com.  Patjk.com will be the new permanently URL for the blog.  Additionally, I’ve merged the old FB page with the new one, which you can find at facebook.com/pjkblog. The goal of the group (which links to my Twitter and G+ page) is to share articles, videos, reads, etc. that I find interesting.  It leaves a nice reference to look back on, and also lets others follow what I’m reading.  I follow many people who do similar things on Twitter and their sharing has been valuable to me.

The last month has seen some big business changes on my end.  I’ve had to deal with a lot of issues involving property rights infringements, payment processing issues, and at the same time launching a few new projects. It has been an interesting month to say the least.

I moved back to Bangkok 2 months ago, and have been hosting friends for much of that time.  Last week was my first full week without hosting someone since I’ve arrived, and I decided to do a water fast. It deserves an entire post on its own, but here are a few links if you’re interested:

The basics of it is that I basically ate no food and only drank water for 5 days straight.  The first 2-3 days were very difficult, and I felt horrendous, but the last 2 were much better.  It was an interesting experience and I do plan to do another one again in the future. The benefits (as linked above) are profound, and I would recommend you research it yourself.

Lastly, I’ve read a few books in the last month, namely Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and A Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris.  Both pretty good books, and I’m currently reading The End of Faith by Sam Harris, as well as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Below are a few reads/watches/listens from around the web I found interesting this month:

As always, you can follow me at any of the channels below:

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The Balances in Life


There are many balances in life we often overlook. When thinking about them directly, they are obvious.  But it is very easy to get caught up in your day to day routines that you lose sight of what you set out for in the first place, or you get sidetracked because the society you live in tells you otherwise. Our default setting isn’t to think about them, so we have to consciously make an effort to think about these regularly to get the balances in our lives correct.

Below are a few of the main ones worth thinking about, and I hope this post encourages you to think about them more.

Money vs. Time

It’s obvious thinking about it, but virtually everyone in the world overlooks it. People say “we spend so much time caught up in the action of making money and the constant chase that we forget why we’re doing it in the first place”. Everyone wants a million dollars, but why? How much of a life sacrifice is actually $1M worth? Would you rather make $100,000 doing nothing or work for 5 years very very hard to make $1M, and why? How valuable is time to you, and how do you balance earning money and having time?

Most people work to make money, and if they weren’t making money, they wouldn’t work.  The money is then used to fund the necessities, like a house/apartment, as well as the luxuries like a cold beer, a vacation, a car, etc.  People save for retirement such that someday when they don’t have to work, they can finally have all the time in the world to do things they’ve always wanted to do, and such that they have money if and when they aren’t able to work. Another way of looking at it is people spend their time to make money, and then spend their money to buy time.

If the goal of having money is to live a more free life (to buy the things you want and go the places you want without worrying about money so much), then why do we spend half (24 hrs in a day, 8 hrs of sleep, 16 conscious hrs/day) of our conscience lives solely trying to make money?

Perhaps your goal is to create a change in the world, and therefore that variable has to be added in (though most people rarely do things that change the world), but you have to balance how much time is worth creating the change, how much money is worth your time (if any), and the sacrifice of time that you could have spent doing other activities.

It’s important to balance the chase, or the drive or motivation or whatever it is, with the time factor.  Remember you can always make more money but you can’t make more time. Live while it’s here, and don’t let money dictate everything. Thinking about this balance helps.

Eat Anything Vs. Eating Healthy

Eating healthy makes you feel better, and allows your body and mind to perform better, but the enjoyment you get out of the healthy food may not be as great as if you ate something unhealthy like cheese fries with bacon. While creating good eating habits is obviously important if you want to live a healthy, happy life, it is important to also step back and look at the bigger picture.  You have to consider how much enjoyment you’d get out of a piece of cake with your date, or the ice cream offered to you by your mother.

If with every meal as healthy as possible, you’re obviously sacrificing a lot for the health benefit.  How do you balance being healthy with being happiest in the moment?

There is a group of who collectively make up the calorie restriction society. They essentially eat very little calories because there are some very positive health benefits to that as a result (see their website and research caloric restriction). While they reap the benefits of looking younger than most people their age, are much healthier in general, and are likely to live a longer life, they are essentially starving themselves, which may not be enjoyable.  To the CR society, they balance health over the enjoyment of traditional foods. To most of traditional society, we balance eating traditional calories over the potential benefits of starving ourselves.

In the society or not, it is important each day to balance what you eat. While I want to generally eat as healthy as I possibly can and am constantly learning how to get better, I also will sacrifice my health on certain occasions to enjoy the moment.  It is a constant balance worth thinking about.

Gym vs. Another Activity

Going to the gym makes you feel better, often after the fact, and it is proven to be healthy. But the more I’m in the gym biking or doing curls or squats, the more I realize what is really happening.  We’re a bunch of organisms on Earth, and some of us go into a room which makes us flex our muscles and increase our heart rate. It’s intriguing to think about.  Why do we do this? Because it makes our bodies stronger and our mind function better, and as a result, we live a higher quality of life.  But what is the optimal point? Workout 7 days a week for 1 hr, or 3 days a week for 30 minutes each day? Why do we value that time at the gym over another activity? It’s all a balance.

From personal experience, I’d say going to the gym itself isn’t an enjoyable activity (though some people do enjoy it), but the benefits after make it well worth it.  It provides a nice break from work mid-day, clears my mind, strengthens my body, and allows me to live a higher quality of life. And, it is a choice.

But obviously going to the gym is sacrificing time doing something else, and it is worth thinking more about how much time you want/need to spend at the gym and how much value you put into it over another activity.

Responsibility vs. Fun

This is a huge one that people generally view differently depending on their age. Do you live everyday to the fullest or pay dues first? “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”.

Working a high paying job that requires 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for a year provides you excess cash, but it also means that year will likely include no fun.  If you’re going to die in a year, that wouldn’t make much sense.  But if you’re 40 years old and single, perhaps it might. Or if you’re 20 and want to travel or vacation or roadtrip for a year, maybe it is worth it.

Everyday we balance this, whether we know it or not.  Is it worth waking up and going to work to sacrifice the day of perhaps a better, more fun activity? Is it worth spending 5 years on a startup with almost no downtime to make millions, or is it better to make less but have more time to have fun?

Every couple months it’s worth taking time away from work, friends, family, and electronics to reflect on your life.  Spend some time thinking about these balances and perhaps make small changes. The result could be a much more happy, responsible, fun, healthy, enjoyable life.

Have any thoughts about this post, or have other balances worth mentioning? Comment below.

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How to Earn Your Freedom

Came across this the other day on this blog.  It was so excellent I had to spread it.  Well worth spending 30 minutes and listing to it.  Start at 7:22.

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Vegas, MardiGras, Hockey and Central America

Atop Volcano Telica a couple days ago, near Leon in Nicaragua. Saw lava for the first time, which was incredible.

Atop Volcano Telica a couple days ago, near Leon in Nicaragua. Saw lava for the first time, which was incredible.


Last month, February, I didn’t publish a post.  It was the first time in nearly a year where I didn’t, mainly due to the lack of downtime I’ve had and the lack of a routine over the last couple months, which is typical this time of the year. As a quick recap to reflect on later, I arrived into the US on Dec. 23, 2014, celebrated Christmas, the next day played in a 2 day hockey tournament, then for New Years went to downtown Denver to celebrate on behalf of the Soul Foundation, a charity that ran the event. New Years day was spent celebrating a friends birthday.  On January 23rd, I went to Salt Lake City for a week to visit my brother and soon to be wife, and we explored the area, including a trip up to Idaho to relax in the Lava Hot Springs.

After a week there, I flew from Salt Lake City directly to Las Vegas to meetup with my other brother, his friends, and my friend Jesse from university to celebrate the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.  It was a great 3 days, but definitely heavy to say the least. I got back to Denver on Tuesday, came down with a cold, and spent the next 3 days recovering before flying to New Orleans on Friday with my brother and many of his friends. We spent 3 days there celebrating Mardi Gras, which was incredible.  The parades, the food, the people, the architecture, everything about it was great.  We got back to Denver late Monday, and the following Friday headed into the mountains in Colorado for the Pabst Pond Hockey tournament. I hadn’t played in the tournament in years since I wasn’t in the US for it.  This year it was again incredible, as we rented a massive lodge that could slept 20+ people.  We spent the days grilling, playing hockey, and relaxing in the hot tub.  It was truly an amazing experience with great people that I’m grateful to have been able to play in.

The tournament ended on the following Monday night, on Tuesday I spent the day packing, and on Wednesday I flew to Costa Rica, where I would start a 2 month journey backpacking north to Mexico.  Currently I’m 20 days into the trip on the Pacific Coast on Nicaragua.  It’s been a great journey so far and look forward to the rest of the trip. In short though, the last 2.5 months have been quite busy, and as a result I’ve spent much less time online than normal.

That’s it for updates. Surprisingly the internet has been quite good in Central America, or good enough for most of the trip.  However, that will probably change as I head north into Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico, but we will see.  The initial plan is to fly back to Denver from Cancun in early-mid April, but we will see if that holds true. After a wedding at the end of the April, I fly back to Asia on April 29th. It’s always exciting, but crazy to think it is already March 11th!

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