I can’t believe 2012 is more than half over.  It seems just the other day I was in England celebrating Christmas.  Time flies.  2012 has been a crazy year, and it’s only going to get crazier.

In January I flew back to Denver after spending 2 months in England with my girlfriend.  Then caught some skiing and played in the Pabst Pond Hockey tournament in the mountains of Colorado.  I also turned 23 around the same time (damn, I feel old).  St. Patrick’s Day was great, then in April went to Las Vegas to meetup with some friends and to watch my brothers hockey tournament.  In late April I went to a Tom Petty concert, which was brilliant.

May turned out to be more of just work and outdoor fun with my brothers.  May set a new record high for my business in terms of revenue. June just ended suddenly, and it ended up being a pretty terrible month.  My girlfriend of nearly 2.5 years decided to end our relationship quite suddenly, so as of late I’ve been slacking on work.  I must say, being 23, I never realized how hard losing her would be.  But life goes on.

So, what’s left? July 4th already passed.  I plan to work extra hard this summer while still enjoying each day of the summer.  In early August I will be going to Las Vegas again for US National Rubik’s Competition.  September will be a Frank Turner concert, as well as a Rise Again/Gaslight Anthem concert.  In October, I will be heading over to England for a couple weeks, and then off to Thailand.  I will be moving to Thailand for awhile.

I’m excited what the rest of the year brings.  It’s been a shacky one for me personally, but business wise it has been pretty decent.  I hope you are enjoying your 2012, it will be over before we know it.

Keep it real.

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