I was just reading through a writing I did earlier this year that was a culmination of the years of my life. Here is a little excerpt of it:

My interests include speedsolving puzzles, playing and watching sports, working with computers, skiing, spending time with my family, and much more. I believe that hard work does indeed pay off. I figure that the harder I work, the quicker the work will get done right. Not a day goes by that I want to wake up and go to school. However, I do know that it is necessary. Because I know that I am doing this, I give it my best shot. What is the point of doing something and not giving it your best?

The fact that I am here today, or anyone for that matter, is quite amazing to me. I find it incredible as to how humans and other species reside on this Earth. From my standpoint, I see the we live like this. We are born, we live and work to stay alive, and then we pass on. In between being born and passing on is all this garbage. There are ways to entertain our minds to keep our minds off other things, there is time, which is a way for us to age, and forget. There are also good things that I see in life. Spending time with my family is one of them. It is a way to be social and interact with other humans who you are close to. But when all these events are occurring, what is really happening to us?

Instead of me rambling on about myself, I ask you to think about yourself. What are you doing in life, what is your role? What can you do to leave a mark on this Earth, to improve the Earth for future species? The most important thing in life to me is to enjoy it. There is no need to argue, fight, or be involved in problems, but more importantly enjoy life while it is here.

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I write for fun, I travel for fun, and I enjoy learning. I hate sugar-coating things. Understand the world in reality, not by dogma. Question everything.

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