2012 is over. Wow.  Every year when I write the year summary, it shocks me how fast the year went by.  I must say, 2012 has been consciously the fastest year of my life.  A number of factors I think contributed to that.  Nonetheless, the year was quite eventful.  I learned a lot, did a lot of fun things, and I think I have grown into a better person this year.

A quick recap of the year:
– In early January I was in England, and came back to the US a few days into the new year.  I then drove to southern Colorado to spend time with my mom.
– In February I played in the annual hockey tournament in Silverthorne, CO.  It is such a fun and awesome event.  Unfortunately I will miss it this year, but I’m sure it will be just as fun or more fun than the previous years.  It continues to improve and become a great event. Also in February I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with my brothers and some friends.  It was a memorable day for sure (woke at 7am to head downtown for breakfast and the parade). Late February was my birthday.  It just reminded me that I am 23 and that time flies.
– In April I went to Las Vegas to hangout with friends.  My brother and his friends had a hockey tournament there, so I asked one of my good friends if he wanted to go.  So we all flew into Vegas for a few days.  It was quite a crazy time, but very memorable and enjoyable.
– In June my girlfriend and I parted ways after 2.5 years. It was unfortunate, and it was a big life lesson for me.
– In July my aunt and uncle from Texas came to town, and we ate lunch in Golden and then toured the Coors brewery. It was the first time I had seen them in a couple years.
– In early August I attended Rubik’s Cube US Nationals in Las Vegas.  Excellent experience and very fun, like always. In late August I drove 3,200 miles around the western US with my uncle.  It was an excellent trip and one that I will never forget.
– In September I went to a Frank Turner concert, and then to a Gaslight Anthem concert.  It was my last month in the US so I hungout with my brother and his friends quite a bit.  Lots of parties and lots of BBQ’s.
– In early October I packed all my stuff, and prepared to move to Asia.  On the way to Asia, I stopped over in the UK for a couple weeks and stayed with some friends.  My good friend from the US also traveled with me to the UK to have fun for a couple weeks.  In late October I moved to Bangkok, Thailand.
– In early November I moved into my new apartment in Bangkok, and in mid November to traveled to Malaysia for 3 weeks (post coming soon) to spend time with a Malaysian friend and his family (he is a good friend who I lived with while living in England in 2009/10).  I also visited Singapore in November.
– In early December I returned to Bangkok, and worked quite a bit.  I’ve also traveled to Chon buri (south of Bangkok), and visited Koh Samed and Ko Chang Island. Both were beyond incredible.  For the New Year, I may go to Ko Chang again – I could spend months there easily.

And just like that, 2012 is over and 2013 is about to begin.  I am moving shortly to a new apartment in Bangkok, and then a good friend from the US is coming to stay with me for a month.  We will travel Thailand together for a month.  I’m really looking forward to all the upcoming adventures.


Here is my writeup post from a year ago. Below I reflect on my goals from the last year, and set new goals for the future.

Goals from 2012:
  • Attend Rubik’s US Nationals 2012 in Las Vegas – DONE, August, 2012
  • Complete first series of Rosetta Stone German. – DONE, done, though stopped there.
  • Travel more. DONE, traveled a lot.
  • Learn to play the harmonica. FAIL, but got a harmonica to practice on.
  • Learn to juggle 5 balls. FAIL, practiced 4 a lot, but then got too busy.
  • Get into better shape. DONE, worked out a lot more.  But still want to do better.
  • Complete at least 2, 30 day challenges. FAIL, forgot about this. But did complete 1 30 day challenge.
  • Write more, take more pictures. DONE, took a lot of pictures and wrote more.
  • Become a better Chess player. DONE, did play a lot this year, but not as of late.
  • Read at least 4 books related to one of my hobbies. FAIL, bought books but only read 2.
  • Expand current websites and ventures. DONE, developed a few more websites and expanded business.
  • Stabilize PJK Media. DONE, much more stable.  Still want to work on this more.
  • Stock up capital. FAIL, I haven’t stocked capital (and now disagree with stocking capital), but invested a lot.
  • Launch at least 1 additional venture. DONE, launched a few new things.
  • Make a profitable mobile advertising campaign. FAIL, my business strategy shifted, though I hope to work on this more soon.
  • Attempt to complete each item on my to-do list. DONE, completed most, but the list got longer with new ideas/to-dos.

Goals for 2013:

  • Double e-commerce revenue.
  • Focus on mobile – launch at least 1 venture into mobile.
  • Travel to many many more countries in Asia, especially Bangladesh, India, and Vietnam.
  • Learn to read, write, and speak Thai proficiently.
  • Take better care of myself – eat healthier, workout regularly, reduce alcohol drinking.
  • Balance my schedule more – quit working 12+ hours in a day.

Enjoy the New Year and beyond!

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