For a living I run online businesses, but much of my time is spent learning, driven by my curiosity to understand more about the world.

I started building websites in 1999, and have since worked in many areas from SEO, affiliate marketing, internet marketing (PPC arbitrage), and ecommerce. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, graduating in May, 2011.  Upon graduating and done with school, I began working online full-time, building cool things that help people, and as a result, make money. For the last few years I’ve lived in Europe and in Asia, and currently live in Thailand.

When I’m not working or learning, I enjoy playing sports like ice hockey, playing chess, speedsolving puzzles, getting outside and hiking, traveling to new places, meeting people with different perspectives, and questioning everything I possibility can imagine.

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The video below is an average (in the final round) of a Rubik’s Cube competition I attended in February, 2011.  It was the winning average (for 3×3 Speedsolve) for this competition (held in Colorado Springs, Colorado):