Several months ago, my Google Adwords account stopped running.  I’ve had this account since 2005, but hadn’t started using it at all really until early 2009.  I wasn’t sure why I went from several million impressions a day to 0 overnight.  There was no notification in my email, nor in my account when I logged in.  So after a couple days of this, I sent the support an email.  I came to find out that they banned my account because of some URL’s that violated their policies.  They listed 3 URL’s, and I barely recognized any of them.  As of recent, I had 1 campaign running with 1 URL.  So I emailed them back asking about the URL’s and that I didn’t recognize them in my account.  They emailed me back saying that they were from xx and yy campaigns.  I looked and didn’t see them in my account, nor recognized them.  After about an hour of looking around and researching the issue, I found that they were URL’s from campaigns that I had deleted about 3 years prior.

So, here I am spending thousands a month with Google on 1 campaign, and they ban my account from a URL that I haven’t touched in 3 years, and I had even deleted the campaigns 3 years prior.  I was a bit pissed to say the least.  So I asked them what I needed to do to resolve the issue.  They said I needed to fix the quality of content on those domains, and then email them back when I have done so.  The problem was that I didn’t own those domains, and had no control over the content that was on them.  I was shocked that Google even asked me modify those pages, considering that the campaigns they were referring to were deleted 3 years prior.  I told them that I had deleted those campaigns 3 years prior, and I had no access to the files for those domains since I no longer owned them.  They responded with, “sorry, but there is nothing we can do unless you fix the landing page quality of and  Also, just because a campaign is deleted doesn’t mean it isn’t part of your account.”  What the hell does that mean?  I deleted the campaign because I no longer wanted it, and 3 years later when Joe Blow owns the domain you expect me to control it?  Come on Google.  That is pathetic.  Not only that, they ban my account even though the only campaign I was running wasn’t even in question and was by far the biggest spender in my account history.

As much as I admire almost everything that Google does, there is no question that they made a mistake here.  I called them several times and told them that I am willing to do whatever I can within my control to resolve the issue.  Yet they still reply back with “sorry, there is nothing we can do”.  After I looking into this, it appears a lot of Adwords accounts have been banned lately.  While most are probably genuine bans, there is certainly some big mistakes that Google is making.  It is unfortunate. Google, you need to improve your account review process; it is pathetic.

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