A few weeks ago I was searching for some WordPress themes that I could install and then modify.  After doing some searching for awhile, I came across some decent sites.  There seems to be a lot of competition for WordPress themes, and since WordPress has become such a widely-used CMS, there are themes for almost anything you’d want.

While searching, I came across a developer named AJ Clarke.  Out of all the searching I did, he seemed to have some decent themes that matched what I was looking for.  After downloading and playing with a few, I was amazed by the quality of his themes.  He offers quite a wide selection of free WordPress themes, as well as a nice selection of Premium (paid) themes.  These themes aren’t half-done like most, but genuinely high quality.

If you’re looking for a CMS, a WordPress template, or want to see some quality web developing, I’d suggest you check out his site at wpexplorer.com.  I’ve been using WordPress for many years now, and have worked with many themes.  Typically, most free themes (and even most lower-end premium themes) you find are quite low quality and have some bugs that you’ll need to filter out, but AJ’s have been the best quality I’ve seen.

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