One of the questions that I get asked the most is how to choose an offer to promote, specifically for CPA offers. I also hear this question getting asked all over. The answers are normally something along the lines of “look at the top offers report from your AM” or “look at trends throughout the year and pick from that”. Both of those work, but in my opinion, going those routes are just as good as picking a random offer, because you can literally make anything work.  Yes, the offers in the top reports do have a lot of money in them, but that doesn’t mean other offers not on the report don’t have just as much if not more money in them.

When you get a top offers report, they typically include an EPC (or eCPC) (effective cost per click, which is earnings divided by clicks – so basically this is the amount made per click) column. Keep in mind that this column is the EPC that the network sees, and not necessarily the actual EPC of the advertiser.

For example, say I am promoting a $10 offer, and drive 100 visitors to my landing page. Let’s say my landing page has a 50% CTR, and the visitors that do click through to the offer convert at 10%. This means 50 people actually got to the offer (which is what the network sees and will use to calculate EPC). So from the network’s standpoint, you sent 50 clicks, and converted 10% which is 5 conversions. That generated $50 in revenue. So the EPC from the network’s standpoint is ($50 in revenue)/(50 clicks) which is a $1.00 EPC. From my standpoint, however, I paid for 100 visitors, and generated $50 in revenue, which is $50/100 clicks = $0.50 EPC. This means that if I am paying anything less than $0.50 per click for those visitors, I will profit.

Although this seems like it should be obvious to figure out, many people don’t realize this when looking at top offer reports.  Also keep in mind that conversions rates are calculated the same way – from the networks standpoint.

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