About 2 weeks ago, I created around 50 different ads targeting those IQ Quizes.  The ads were accepted, and started getting some traffic.  I paused them after a couple days because I wanted to wait awhile and then try them later.  They have been paused since.  Today, I login to see that all of them are now disapproved, and I received this email from Facebook:


One or more of your ads has been disabled for not being in compliance with our Advertising Terms. We reserve the right to determine what advertising we accept, and we may choose to not accept ads containing or relating to certain products or services. We will not allow the creation of any further Facebook Ads like those that were removed. We appreciate your cooperation with this policy.

Advertisements for Subscription Services must comply with the conditions noted below and as determined by Facebook in its sole discretion.  “Subscription Services” may include sites that promote downloading ringtones, wallpaper, or text messages for predictions, love life advice, news, personality quizzes, or other entertainment services, or any site that induces a user to sign up for recurring billing of a product or service.

Subscription Services conditions:
1. The promoted website must clearly and accurately display the price and billing interval (such as per week or once per month) on the landing page as well as any page that prompts a user for personal information (including, but not limited to, name, email address or phone number) or billing information (including, but not limited to, mobile phone number or credit card number).
2. If users sign up to your service by transmitting a code by text message, the price and billing interval must be clearly and prominently displayed beside the code.
3. If your service is a subscription, you must provide a prominent opt-in checkbox or other clear mechanism indicating that the user knowingly accepts the price and subscription service. This should be on the first page the user enters personal data, and the user should not be able to proceed without opting in.
4. All of the foregoing items should be located in a prominent place on your webpage, as determined by Facebook in its sole discretion, and should be easy to find, read, and understand.

The creation of further ads for these prohibited products may result in your account being disabled.
Thanks for your understanding,
The Facebook Ads Team

Onside of this, I have another campaign running unrelated. The landing page for this ad is targeted toward people overseas (not in America). I got about 30 ads accepted right away, and a day later I created about 50 more. All the new ads were denied due to “unaccepted destination URL”. I talked with a Facebook rep. about this, and told him that if someone in the US is viewing the ad, they will obviously be forwarded to a different landing page because the landing page and the targeted demographics are not in the US. What the hell do they expect us advertisers to do?

Update: I talked with my Facebook rep again today, and he said that there is an internal issue with the ads, and it has to do with their approval team not being able to review the landing page and approve the ads. For a temporary workaround, he suggests submitting the ads for approval after 9pm Pacific Time so the Facebook UK approval team will be reviewing the ad, and not the US approval team.

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