I’ve been a reader of Finch’s various blogs for awhile.  He knows how to write, hands down.  He writes for at least 3 blogs that I know of, and constantly provides awesome, well-written content.  Recently, I sat down and read a couple of his premium posts that he published on his affiliate marketing blog.  “Premium posts” are not really posts, they are more short books he wrote to give tips into various types of marketing (or I suppose you could call 1 ebook a collection of several posts).  They are considered premium because they cost about $30 to download, and tends to provide content that is not as publicly available and is higher quality.  With that said, after reading Volume 2 and 3, I can tell you that they are well worth the money for anyone interested in any type of online marketing.  After reading these, Finch is even more brilliant than I originally thought.

Volume 2 Review – “Facebook is Dead, Long Live Facebook”

This is Finches 2nd volume of Premium Posts, which focuses on Facebook advertising (including free Facebook advertising).   The contents:

Aimed at Facebook marketers looking to boss the platform with innovative strategies. Improve CTRs, EPCs and CPCs in one hit. Most advice is designed for Facebook, but equally transferable to other traffic sources that aren’t currently on your Shit List.


  • Introduction: The traffic source you love to hate, and hate to love
  • Headaches and broken desks: How to bid profitably on Facebook
  • Exposed: My formula for successful Facebook dating campaigns
  • The ONLY way to profit from low payouts on Facebook
  • How I generate easy passive income with Facebook Pages
  • Steroids for Facebook Pages: Ads that keeping whoring clicks
  • December 2011 in the Affiliasphere
  • Visual Cues, leveraging authority and what you can learn from porn
  • Forget gaming on Facebook… Try these traffic sources
  • In Closing: Thanks for reading

That’s 8 posts, 15806 words, 71 pages in PDF form.

Each bullet is a separate section in this ebook – and it is no joke that he goes in depth on each topic.  Finch goes into his bidding strategy for paid Facebook traffic, how to get campaigns profitable/tell if they’d be profitable, how to make passive income from free Facebook Pages, and discussed the latest in the affiliate marketing world.  He uses many examples (some parts of his own campaigns) to get the points across.  He does talk about the dating niche quite a lot, which seems to be his specialty (and you learn more about that in his premium post volume 3 – which I will post a review on soon).

His unique writing style and humor makes reading the ebook not only entertaining, but very educational.  I’ve done my fair share of Facebook Advertising over the years, and reading this still gave me some pretty good ideas to work on (and motivation for that matter).  He goes into the basics of matching the users thought and converting them into a customer/lead as opposed to going solely for a high CTR that doesn’t necessarily convert (which is why most people fail).  If you’ve ever run a campaign unsuccessfully by direct linking or plan to get into the dating niche, I’d highly suggest you read volume 2 and follow his train of thought.  It covers various angles you can take on offers to convince people to signup for the service you’re advertising, and how landing page can greatly influence this.  He also shows the true value in targetting international traffic on offers.  I won’t go into too much detail on this – you can read the entire ebook in a couple hours.  $30 and a couple hours of your time is hardly a risk, and I’m quite sure affiliate marketers of all levels can benefit from the read.

Lastly, he talks about the perks of adult advertising, and the ideas behind advertising with PPV (and some of the myths behind it).  He even gives a list of some lesser-known traffic sources that he has had success with. If nothing else, reading this will give you the motivation and inspiration to go out and try something new.  Finch is one of the brighter internet marketers I’ve come across, and I have nothing but praise for this volume that he wrote.  Go grab a copy to read here, you won’t regret it.

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