You can call this part 2 of Finch reviews.  The first review I wrote was on his 2nd volume of premium posts.  This is a review on his 3rd volume, entitled “My Shamless sleaze-ridden blueprint for making money from dating”.  In his own words, here is an outline:

Aimed at dating affiliates looking for inspiration and an improvement on their bottom line. These tips will guide you through recommendations for Facebook, Plentyoffish, PPV and various adult traffic sources. See my own dating campaign strategies in all the gory details.


  • Introduction: The niche that never sleeps
  • How to write seriously badass dating ads
  • PPV and dating: Tips to make it work
  • Troubleshooting common landing page and ad problems
  • Finding the sweet money spot in religious dating campaigns
  • Traffic sources, tips and tricks for adult dating
  • Mythbusting: How the super affiliates didn’t make their millions
  • Can’t find good traffic sources for dating? Build your own
  • January 2012 in the Affiliasphere
  • In Closing: Thanks for reading

That’s 8 posts, 16941 words, 76 pages in PDF form.

This particular volume covers affiliate dating in general, and the strategies he uses to profit on the margins of buying traffic for dating offers.  I originally read this immediately following his volume 2, and it certainly goes hand in hand, not to say that they can’t be read separately.  Volume 2 covers Facebook advertising, but constantly refers to dating since Finch clearly dominates the dating niche.  Volume 3 discusses dating in general, and the approach to create profitable dating campaigns.

The beginning discusses turning on the fence people into signups with the conversion funnel of dating.  He gives  good tips such as using local restaurants as an angle to convince a single woman to signup for that one particular dating website.  He goes on to discuss pros and cons to PPV with dating offers, and landing page tips for filling out forms via PPV.  I haven’t done much PPV, so I can’t speak much for these, but it gave me some ideas to work with when I jump into it.

It goes into the benefits of niche dating (black, older, christian, etc.), and certainly gives some insight and ideas in taking an angle on these.  It then gives the three golden rules to a landing page, and the importance of taking an angle so your approach isn’t generic.  Finch presents some bad examples of advertising in dating which nails down his point of originality.  Overall, his presentation shows strategy for Facebook and Plenty Of Fish and how they differ – Facebook is for people who are browsing, while Plenty of Fish is obviously for people already looking to date.  This compliments his volume 1 and 2 books since they each go into the specifics of advertising on both of those platforms.  I found this section quite valuable, as it gave me some new solid ideas to work with. I won’t go into much detail since you can read it yourself.  One of the big things about reading a book like this is that even though you may have experience using similar tactics, getting insight from someone doing a similar thing enlightens you to more ideas – this was certainly the case for both of these premium posts.

Toward the end he then talks more about adult dating traffic sources, and angles of adult dating.  This is yet another way of promoting offers, and since the adult indistry tends to be years ahead of the rest of society when it comes to marketing, it can be worthwhile to look into it.

Lastly, he discusses the general trends of affiliate marketing, and the general loss of motivation due to the difficulty of making money compared to before (like 4 years ago).  Luckily, this weeds out a lot of the competition and provides more opportunities for the people who fight through it.  Finch discusses making money elsewhere and diversifying your business since the business as we see it today won’t be around forever.  I do agree that it is important to diversify no matter what business you’re in, but I think affiliate marketing will be around for a long time.  It may become more regulated and more difficult, but the opportunity to abitrage the advertising market will always exist.  Buying traffic will become more competitive, but capitalizing on the margins will always be possible.  We are still in the early stages of this business, and it will only grow more. In terms of diversifying, he discusses a few other strategies to make a passive income such as SEO and inserting affiliate links outside of content (see his blog for “weekly recommendations” at the end of every post).

Overall, volume 3 was just as good as volume 2.  For the price, you can’t go wrong.  If you’ve ever considered jumping into affiliate marketing and learning the ropes, read this volume and jump into dating.  This should provide you more than enough ideas and motivation to get started. If you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for awhile, you can still gain some excellent insight into the niche and benefit from the ideas you get out of it. You can buy your copy of all of his premium posts here (for about $30).

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