2009 was a pretty good year.  Let me do a little recap:

  • Got into affiliate marketing in late 2008
  • Finished up my sophomore year of university
  • Traveled to Texas and California
  • Went sandboarding
  • Expanded my websites
  • Made more money than I spent (other than tuition expenses)
  • Moved to England, visited Germany and Italy
  • Attended the 2009 Rubiks Cube World Championship, Rubik’s Cube US Nationals, as well as the Rubik’s Cube UK Open

Those are the basics of my 2009.  My goals for 2010:

  • Sell our house in southern Colorado
  • Make enough money to pay my tuition expenses for the year, and beyond
  • This ties with above, but make a full-time living doing a part-time job
  • Finish my current to-do list (it’s long)
  • Attend US Nationals in Boston
  • Go skydiving (this will be hard to do as my summer will be short)
  • Setup an LLC
  • Join another ice hockey league
  • Visit more of Europe
  • Find a house to live in so I can start my senior year of university when I get back to the US (maybe buy a house?)

That’s it for now.  2010 should be a very productive year!

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