I received an email today from Google titled “Important Account Information”.  What it basically said was you need to accept the recent changes to the Privacy Policy in order for you to continue using Adsense.  What I found funny toward the end was something along these lines: “if you need help interpreting the terms, we cannot help you.  You may wish to contact an attorney”.  Really?  That is ridiculous!  I remember reading about that awhile back but it slipped my mind.  Google writes these policies, but won’t interpret/clarify them to the users who use the polices.  What is up with that?  Do they have too many emails coming in that they refer you to an attorney instead?  If so, perhaps they need to write the terms more clear so they don’t have that problem.  Referring someone to an attorney is not the best idea.  Perhaps instead of trying to refer to someone else in interpret what they wrote, why not write the terms more clear in the first place so all of the Adsense users can understand the policy without an attorney?  I want to find the answer as to why they won’t interpret the terms.  It is outrageous.

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