Today I was pleasantly surprised to finally have my Adsense account hooked up to my Analytics account. A couple months ago, Google announced that they would allow certain users to merge their Adsense and Analytics accounts to make the better of their ad performance. Today, mine was activated. I haven’t had the chance to mess with it, but from what I have read, it is quite nice. You can’t go wrong.

On side of that, Google Ad Manager released some nice new features, if you haven’t noticed yet:

  • Line item delivery page – The new line items tab on the orders page provides a quick way for you to check on your ad operations, including order readiness, delivery status, and inventory revenue performance. View the color coded delivery bars to easily identify line item pacing information and line items at risk. Learn more here.
  • Getting started made easier – Our new getting started page will help new users learn how Ad Manager works, walk through step-by-step tutorials, and explore additional Ad Manager resources. Visit this page by clicking the Getting Started link in the top and footer of your account.
  • Updated reporting – Your reports have become more accurate and now filter out clicks and impressions from your internal traffic.
  • New Ad Manager Help Forum -The Ad Manager Help Forum is moving from Google Groups to a new platform that offers a number of features our users have requested. We encourage you to visit and participate in the new forum here.

On side of that, this is my blogs 100th post, already, wow.

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