It is quite amazing how good the Google search is.  So many people use it and so little realize what it really is.  It is so simple to use and so good that most people don’t even think about it.  A typical computer user hardly knows what goes into making a website show up on their computer, let alone what Google does to find a specific webpage out of the billions that exist… in less than a second.

Google’s Amit Singhal made a post on the Google Blog awhile back as an introduction to Google Ranking.  Today, he made a very nice follow-up post with some examples which truly show what Google’s ranking does on a daily basis. I’d highly suggest you check it out.  The examples that are given not only show what result appears for a particular query, but also shows how the search is trying to understand what a human thinks from what they typed.  For example, Amit gives the search phrase ‘new york times square church’.  The algorithm needs to determine what the user really means: new york times newspaper church section? time square churches in the area?  The list goes on and on, and it is up to Google to determine what a user really means when he inputs a string of letters.  It is truly remarkable.

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