June will be over before I know it, and over half of 2014 is done. Where it all went, I’ll never know but much of this year has been good fun.  Today I moved to a new place,  and tomorrow a couple friends and I will travel more of Thailand for a few weeks. My friend from Romania is in Asia for a month so we will make the most of it.

In early July my roommate moves out to travel Europe, and my Romanian friend will stay in Thailand until the middle of July.  After that, the plan is to work on improving in a lot of ways (mentally, physically, emotionally), and use what I’ve learned this year to become a better person (and I hope to write about it). I look forward to what the rest of the year has to offer.

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I write for fun, I travel for fun, and I enjoy learning. I hate sugar-coating things. Understand the world in reality, not by dogma. Question everything.

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