This is an experience I had with HasOffers over the last month. They have the 30 day free-trial offer, which I signed up for a month ago. It basically allows anyone to checkout their affiliate network platform technology for 1 month, free.  When you fill out your credit card, they say if you don’t cancel in 30 days, it will bill you $279/month. After doing this, I logged in a couple times to play with the platform, but didn’t use it. I planned to cancel it at the end of the month to avoid paying the fees.  After all, I never had plans to buy it, just wanted to check it out for 30 days.

About a week ago, I was out of town on a small trip. The day after I got back I was working online, and I got a notification saying I was billed $279. Mistakenly, I didn’t cancel (it was on my list but my trip threw me off). I immediately contacted their support and told them that I forgot to cancel (literally 2 minutes after the charge was processed), and that I wasn’t interested in using it. All of their support basically said that I’m SOL and they won’t refund the $279.

So, I made a mistake, I know that. But looking my account, it was obvious I was looking at it just to play with it, and that I made a mistake in not canceling. As a company like HasOffers, isn’t it courtesy to honor a refund in this case? I understand their refund policy for people who run a network and cancel halfway through the month, but the reality is that I never used this or had intention to, which is obvious when you look at my account.  It is absolutely terrible customer support to not refund the $279.  In a worse case scenario, they could at least refund $250 of it and take a $30 admin fee.

I understand the agreement says I am billed and I am responsible, but it seems like most companies that care about their customers would honor a refund in this case due to a mistake like this on my end. I am shocked that a company like HasOffers wouldn’t do this.  Because of this, I will never support using HasOffers again, and I would suggest you do the same.

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