I saw a post on DP which I found was a bit interesting. The question someone asks is how John Chow became so popular.  I thought most of the responses were quite funny.  This somewhat reminds me a bit of his post he made a couple days ago titled, whats in it for me?

John became popular because he was in the blog business at the right time. He started early with his TechZone website, then blogged about making money online. When people saw he was successful, they were interested. I think people ‘follow’ someone because they see that the person they are following is/was successful. I’ll be honest, I read people’s blogs because I see they were successful and I want to see what they have to say about things, and hopefully gain knowledge. One thing that attracted me to John Chow’s blog was his blog monthly income reports. When they see that his website (yes, the one they are looking at right now) is making nearly $40,000 profit a month, they are interested in coming back and seeing what the website is doing to make that much in hopes of doing the same thing themselves. This is also how Shoemoney got so popular in my opinion. He posted a picture of him holding a $132,000 check (that he made in one month) which made people come back to see what he had to say, because he was successful.

So, what made John Chow popular? Same reason Shoemoney is popular…they were successful and told their story. Humans are so interested in successful people that success and popularity only build (look at any celebrity for example). Success builds because your popularity builds and you have the ability to reach many, many people very easily. Popularity builds off this because you are successful. Once you’re successful, it is hard not to be more successful.

When people ask questions to Shoemoney or JohnChow about how they were popular, they always answer “write good content over time”. I agree that good content over time will help, but in all honesty, both JohnChow and Shoemoney didn’t become popular by writing good content, they become popular because they were successful.

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