I was reading on the Digital Point Fourms and came upon several posts where people were asking about how copied content affects your ranking. This is one of the posts:

“If we make a 4-5 paragraph article and each paragraph is copied from a different article will Search Engine count this as duplicate content? and send it to Supplement Result?”

I would say no. This is a tough issue, and will become a tougher issue with the more people who start putting content onto the web. In my mind, there is almost no way to control duplicated content on the web. If it is published on the public WWW, then if you think about it, anyone can take the content, whether it is legal or not. Some people aren’t copying content to get ranked in search engines, they are copying the content to get visitors from elsewhere. I can’t see how search engines will be able to detect this. There are so many factors I can think of, here are a copy major ones:
Time – who put the content up first? Who really owns the content? Do page rank have an impact on the “value” of content and will SE’s favor these pages, even if it stole content a couple times?
Minor edits – you can copy content, change several words to make it “non-identical”, will the search engines detect this?  If so, what if they steal a paragraph and then add new content onto it, will the new content counter the stolen content, or how will that work?

This is hot button issue in the online world, although I don’t seem to see to much about it, but it happens a lot.  I see copied content daily… it is just tough to tell who really wrote the content, and who deserves the recognition.

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