Another good TED talk.  There isn’t a shortage of them, but I enjoy writing about my view on the videos when I learn something or disagree with something.  Watch this 18 minute video on how great leaders inspire action (I originally watched this on the MobAff blog):

Obviously, you can relate this to marketing, as he said “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. The very idea within that speech is what drives me away from affiliate marketing as a main business.  Yes, there is boatloads money that is available to anyone willing to work for it.  But is anyone doing it because they believe in it?  Very few, if any.  It is all about money, the what circle, not the why circle.  Affiliate abitrage the advertising market for profit, not for a cause or benefit to humanity.

At the same time, you can relate this speech to any business.  Focusing on the why aspect of a business certainly seems to be a better choice than the what.  You build from the in and work out, and businesses that do that tend to produce better results.

Another good point: be driven by a belief, not a cause.  I’ve noticed this a lot through my work online.  For example, I often come across independent developers who produce amazing software, hacks, and plugins.  Most of these people are all self-taught, and do it because they love it.  They don’t have degrees, yet they probably make more money than most computer scientists with degrees.  It is because they do it because they truly enjoy it and believe in it.  They are self motivated, and that is a powerful thing.

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