So you own a store and you accept Paypal payments (which is a good option).  Throughout the course of your business, you’re going to want to remarket to existing customers.  You can do this in a variety of ways, such as setting up a retargetting campaign in Adwords or some other major network.  Another excellent way is to setup a mailing list, where people can subscribe to list for you to send coupons, updates, new products, etc. to.  In addition to having an opt-in on your website, you might want to consider adding all the previous customers you’ve had to your list.  If you accept Paypal payments, this is quite easy to do for those customers that paid with Paypal (this includes any items you sold on eBay and accepted Paypal payments).  You can easily export all customers that sent Paypal payments using these simple steps:

1) Login to Paypal, nagivate to My Account / History / Download History.

2) Select the date range you need. You may need to break it up into quarters if you are going back further than a year.  We normally do go back 1 month, as we send a newsletter each month and want to collect the new customers from the last month.

3) Under “File Types for Download: “, select  “Tab deliminted – Completed Payments”, and download that file.  This will give you a .txt file.

4) To open this file into a spreadsheet, open Excel, and go to File > Open and open the .txt file.  This should popup a Text Import Wizard.  If it doesn’t try to drag the .txt file onto an open Excel workbook and it should pull it up.  Once that wizard opens, choose “Delimited” then Next, in the “Delimiters”, choose Tab and then click Finish.

5) You should now have a file with many columns full of data.  Find the “From Email” column, this is your list of emails.  What we normally do is delete all the columns except Name and Email, and then save that file.

6) So there you have it, you have a big email list of previous Paypal customers.  Now import those into your mail client such as MailChimp or AWeber and get an email list going.  It takes less than an hour to get something going, and could mean a lot of repeat customers.  If you’re not using a mailing list for your customers, you’re missing out.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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