Yet another affiliate blog post about Thailand.  But yes, it’s official.  In late October, I will be moving to Thailand.  Why would I do that?

Well, I graduated over a year ago and have been working full time since.  I had plans to move to England after this summer, but those fell through.  So I’ve decided to move to somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, Asia.  From what I hear, Thailand is cheap, has excellent food, and the overall quality of life is quite good.  My life here in Colorado is nice, but I’ve lived here most of my life, and want to explore more while I’m young.

While my home will be in Bangkok (most likely), I’m hoping to see lots of Asia.  It is a good place to base because of the price, but is close to enough to a lot of places I want to visit that it will make it easy on me: Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to name a few.

I will be spending a couple weeks in the UK prior to my departure to close up my leftover business there and say goodbye to friends there.  I’m looking forward to the new adventure.

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