Yesterday on Google’s blog, they talked about the exhaustion of IP addresses (basically when the number of IP addresses runs out).  IPv4 provides approximately 4 billion IP address (2^32).  The number available will eventually go to zero with the exponentially growing WWW.  That is why IPv6 is developing, which provides a whole lot more.  Google search is now available in IPv6 (only viewable if you’re on IPv6 connection), which provides nearly 3 billion networks to every person.  IPv6 is starting to really be developed, and should soon become wide spread across internet users’ computers.

“IPv6 interfaces have link-local addresses in addition to the global addresses that applications usually use. These link-local addresses are always present and never change, which simplifies the design of configuration and routing protocols.” –Wikipedia IPv6

This is amazing.  Look how far the World Wide Web has come in just 8 years, or even 3.

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