Recently Joel Comm released is ‘Adsense Secrets #4‘. For all members in the Facebook Adsense group he created, he sent the following message:

Because you are a member of my AdSense Facebook group, you are the first to see this. If you don’t have the 4th edition of AdSense Secrets, I want to give it to you… for free! Check out the opportunity and grab it quick!

Now when you sign up, it says “Enter your CC number here. Your card will not be charged unless you don’t cancel the subscription”. I signed up, no problem. I kept in mind that I would simply cancel the $30 subscription because I don’t want it, yet you are forced into getting it if you want to see the eBook.

Now, come one month later, I find out that there is essentially no way to cancel the subscription. If there is, it is quite hidden.

Now I really like all that Joel has done over the years, but doing this is quite pathetic. I know it is a common trick in the book. The company could have easily said “Enter your CC number here. Your subscription will cancel in 30 days and you will not be charged unless you re-activate the subscription.” It would have the same affect in essence since the customer would activate the subscription if they were interested. However, by doing what Joel’s company did, you are trying to deceive the customer, make them try to remember to cancel the subscription in hopes that they forget and Joel makes the money. The only problem is, is that Joel’s company makes it virtually impossible to cancel the subscription. I find this act of business quite pitiful. Is this considered stealing?

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