If you want to know the clickthrough rate of your landing page, here is a basic way to analyze it using Prosper202.  It can be a bit hard to find if you aren’t familiar with Prosper202 or Tracking202.  The clickthrough rate of your landing page is basically the amount of people who show up to your landing page and click through to the actual offer from your landing page.  So say you have 100 people show up to your landing page, and 25 click on the “call-to-action” button to get the actual offer,  your landing page clickthrough rate will be 25% (25% of the people clickthrough to the offer).

Once you have your landing page setup with all the Prosper202 code on it (the outbound link [cloaked or uncloaked], and the javascript), you will then be able to receive data on Prosper202.  To view the clickthrough rate, go to your Prosper202 > Click on Analyze > Click on Landing Pages.  This will pull up data for each of your landing pages, including the clicks, the clickthrough rate, leads, etc.  Below is an image that shows you exactly where this data is located (click on image for larger views):

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