So you want to improve your landing page CTR, but not sure what to improve.  The best thing to do is to split test variations of your landing page and see which one performs best.  Google Website Optimizer is perfect for this.  However, you’re conversion page isn’t your site, but the offer page or some other external site.  In this case, you may want to track a conversion as a “click” on a link(s) on your landing page, which will show the click through rate of your LP’s.  Google has a nice little tutorial on this here.  This is nice, however, what if you have want your links to open in new windows?  Using the script that is given in the link I just posted, you will not be able to make links open in a new window, since the ‘doGoal’ changes the URL of the original page (your LP).  To fix this, simple use this modified code for your script in your header:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
if(typeof(_gat)!=’object’)document.write(‘<sc’+’ript src=”http’+

<script type=”text/javascript”>
function doGoalNewNew(that) {
try {
var gwoTracker=_gat._getTracker(“UA-AAAAAAA-A”);
setTimeout(‘“‘ + that.href + ‘”)’, 100)

And then make each link in your landing page into something like this:

<a href=”offer.php” target=”_blank” onclick=’doGoalNewNew(this);return false;’>

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