I came across and interesting graphic today that compares standard PC sales to Mac (Apple) computer sales:

Source: CNN News

It is an interesting, yet predictable graphic.  I remember 2004 so, at the peak of PC sales (compared to Mac), sitting in 1 room in my high school that was full of old Macs from the 90’s.  It was the only building in the school that had them, while the library and many computer labs were being renovated with new PCs, like Dell and Gateway.

I stopped using a PC in 2007 when I left to college and bought an iMac.  I used Windows XP extensively, and I did really like it.  But the usability compared to the iMac was second to none, and I’ve never looked back since.  The Mac was just so much cleaner, simple, and logical.  Over the years its only become more that way.  The PC still seems to make things more difficult for the average user than they should be.

Is a Mac for everyone? Certainly not.  But in general, I think the average person would be able to use a Mac without any worries a lot easier than a PC, and the graphic above clearly shows this.  It isn’t just computers that Apple has done this with, look at all the other devices they are selling that simply just work flawlessly.  I have the upmost respect for Apple and what they’ve done and continue to do.

Will the gap continue to narrow?  It may a bit, but I don’t think it will ever go lower than it did in the early 90’s.  The entire PC market is huge, and a lot of them are quality and cheap, while the Mac is quality, but more expensive.  Keep in mind we are comparing the entire PC industry to 1 company, Apple.

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