Here is my list of the top 5 Google products that I use all the time.

Google Analytics

Provides high quality stats about website traffic.  Absolutely amazing, and 100% free.

Google Adsense/Adwords

Google advertising and it is enornmous.  The program alone brought Google over $21 billion in revenue in 2008, Google main source of revenue.  And it is only growing.

Google Checkout

Awesome service by Google for managing buying/selling products online.  Has small transaction fees, similar to Paypal.


Google email – big, fast, efficient, easy, and free!

Google Maps

Find where you need to go; anywhere in the world.  Street view is just icing on the cake, it is absolutely amazing.

Google Ad Manager

I know this is six, but I had to add this in. Ad manager is a free utility to manage advertisements on your webpage. They not only provide this service to you, they also provide amazing reports to help you get the most out of your websites.

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