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I’m on Mac OSX Leopard, and have tried in Firefox 3 and Safari to resolve this problem with no luck. When I click Upload A New Ad, and then it says “Please be patient. Your ad is being uploaded”, it stays at 0%, even after 5 minutes. To get around this, I’ve tried building an ad and just uploading the image ad I want to use, but it freezes at 50% there. I don’t have problem when I upload small images like 50×50 px. The ad I am trying to upload is the correct size both by dimension and by size.

I emailed MySpace about this again, and here is the reply I got:

Thank you for contacting MySpace support. We are aware there are compatibility issues when using a Mac to access, update and edit MySpace profiles, unfortunately, at this time we are unable to provide full support for Mac users. Future plans do include resolving these compatibility issues, so be on the lookout for a future announcement regarding when these issues have been resolved.

So basically if you want to get around this problem, for now you will need to upload your ads on a PC.

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