First mentioned here, Facebook just came out with some exciting news regarding their advertising platform:

“Just finished speaking to a senior member of Facebook’s Advertising department and they’ve filled me in with some really crazy good news.

Your limits can go up to $5,000 per day and $30,000 per day with a credit check.”

1- All rules on ads are now laxed.

2- You are now ALLOWED to promote Ringtones, Dating, Quizzes, Freebies, Work at Home products, Surveys

Enjoy it.. I just had every damn one of my ads approved in a period of 15 mins and within the first 20 mins had nearly 4k uniques to my Quiz ads to Azoogle. So be careful what you bid because that just cost me around $2k.

If you need to have your daily limit spends increased I’m going to post a few email addresses here later and you can ask those guys.”

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