Several years ago I had my main Facebook account suspended. It got suspended due to using iMacros to reproduce ads I believe, but not positive. I used to manually create hundreds of ads to only find out they were all denied for some BS reason.   Because of this, I used the iMacros Firefox extension to record all the ads I created.  When the ad got denied for some BS reason (even though the ad complied with their ToS), I would just play the macros and recreate all 50-100 ads in a matter of minutes without doing anything more than clicking the play button.  When my account originally got banned, I emailed them explaining the situation and they didn’t budge.  Anyways, the other day I decided to email their support asking to get it reinstated. After answering some questions, they activated it.

The issue I had though was they blocked all my credit cards and somehow my Paypal. Whenever I tried to add my Paypal, I would get forwarded to Paypal, and then get sent back to Facebook as if nothing had happened. Interesting that Facebook let me back in. I suspect that don’t mind about bulk creating ads anymore, as long as you don’t continue to submit the same ad over and over after it has been denied.

Anyways, after they activated it, I asked them about getting a funding source (I literally couldn’t add any sources, even CC’s I hadn’t used with them).  So I emailed them.  The next day, I get an email saying “your account has suspended due to a violation of our polices”.  So I sent them an email saying I was confused, as they had just reactivated it.  I get the following email the next morning:

Hi Patrick,

This problem should now be resolved.  Sorry for any inconvenience, and enjoy the site! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

Payment Operations

So, now I have my old account back.  Based off how they let me in and then suspended it the following day to only let me back in a day later, I suspect their account operations is a bit messed up.  I’m excited to get back into advertising with Facebook, even though the cost of Facebook Ads has jumped 40% this year.

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