The other day I was browsing a forum and came across a nice album of someone’s pictures. I then realized the place that was hosting the pictures was a Google site. I looked into it, and found out that Google has a free photo-hosting service, called Picasa. I’ve been using Photobucket for many years, and have thousands of images over there, and have really enjoyed them. One thing on Picasa that caught my eye right away was the Picasa Web Albums Uploader for Mac. It basically allowed me to upload several hundred of my pics off my computer onto my Picasa Album in a matter of a couple a minutes. They give you 1 GB of free storage, which is quite nice. I’m guessing thay number will eventually go up.

One thing that would make it a little nicer is if could more easily link directly to a photo. They don’t really provide you with a direct link to images. Anyways, it is a great, free service, and I’d recommend checking them out if you need a place to host your photos.

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