Shoemoney’s blog is one of the few blogs that I read daily, just because he has some interesting experiences and tips to learn from. Every couple days, I will try to do a little “Reply Shoemoney” segment where I reply to his post via this blog.

I was reading this post and wanted to give my two cents about it. The first Q&A was:

Q:Hi Shoe,
Why do you always mess up there their and then than. Ever think of hiring a copywriter?

A:Ohh well It gives the grammar people something to do. Also its amazing how many times the people who correct my grammar come back to check the post to see if 1) I have corrected it yet and 2) to see if everyone has praised them for pointing out my flaws. Whats really awesome is when they make posts on there (haha) websites and drive people here pointing out all my grammatical errors and they become subscribers. We do hire copywriters for things that we think should have great English. My personal blog is not one of them.

I can’t say I am suprised. I mean, look at Shoemoney, he has over 9,000 subscribers to a blog that it seems he doesn’t even try on. People read it (myself included) because we get valuable info out of it, not because we want to learn english. As long as it is written so we can understand that he means, that is all that matters.

Q: Shoe-
You recently said that bloggers should not trust you. I am curious if you then should think we should not run AuctionAds since you recommended it. Also you challenged Rand to a debate. What happen with that?

A: I’m so glad you asked! My whole point is that when it comes to making money online read whatever you want but use your head as to what is right for you. I will be the first one to tell you that AuctionAds is not the perfect answer for every site. In fact I will tell you that its not even the best source of revenue for this blog. However it does make a nice additional income even with just having the 125×125 ad in the sidebar.

So yea you should not trust me… or Rand… or Andy Beal… or John Chow… Or Darren Rowse… OR ANYONE like we are Jesus Christ who you should do whatever they say and not use your own head. you should try EVERYTHING and let the money show you what works the best.

I hate to say it, but whomever asked that question, how stupid can you get? He asks shoemoney if “we should not run AuctionAds” because he recommended it. Seriously, do you really think he recommended not to run AuctionAd’s overall?  It is tough to teach common sense.  I am suprised Shoemoney replied to that in the first place.

I love Shoemoney’s last remark: “you should try EVERYTHING and let the money show you what works the best.” That should be his 13th tip: guess, check, and revise. The only way you can learn is by trying. You can’t just read reviews and go for it, you have to try and see if it works for YOU.

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