Jon Volk made a post today with a poll as to whether or not rebill offers were ethical, and whether or not you could promote them.

You can vote on the poll here.

Here is the reply I gave:

I voted ‘No- and I wouldn’t promote them’

Since you are talking about rebill offers that we see all over the affiliate networks these days, I’d say it is completely unethical. The point of the offer is to *clearly* deceive the customer and make them pay a lot more than they think. Think of it this way, if *every* customer knew that they are going to pay $5 now, and $50-$100 in 7 days if they don’t cancel, how many would actually buy the product in the first place? I bet very, very, few.

For rebill offers like subscriptions to magazines, the terms are clearly stated on what they will pay each month or each year, with no ups and downs. These are rebil offers I see as completely fair.

The fact of the matter is that rebill offers such as Acai are clearly there to “rip” the customer, and I don’t see how anyone can deny that. Yes, people should read the TOS, etc. But the only point of the free trail is clearly to get a customers CC so they can be rebilled, whether they know it or not.

What do you think about rebill offers?

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