I will give you a little rundown on how the US Open Rubik’s Cube Competition went. First off, I want to thank all the people who made this event possible.

You can find the all the results of the event here.

I didn’t perform nearly what I wanted, but I still had a great time. My times were as follows:
Rubik’s 3x3x3 Cube
Single: 17.27
Average: 19.72
Comments: This is pretty bad for me, but it works. I will definitely improve by the next competition.

Rubik’s 4x4x4 Cube
Singe: 1:50.09
Average: N/A (Had 1 DNF, sadly, a pop on a very nice solve)
Comments: Horrible! I average 1:20 consistantly. My first solve popped for no apparent reason. My 4×4 had never popped before. The next solve went very well as well, but then I ended up screwing up on the 3×3 solve stage, which killed my time. It took me around 60 seconds just to complete that stage, where it normally takes me under 30 seconds. Out of all the events I competed in, this was the most disappointing for me.

Rubik’s 5x5x5 Cube
Single: 3:35.21
Average: N/A (Didn’t qualify for finals)
Comments: I was a little disappointed. I was averaging just about 3 minutes prior to this, and then I blew it in this competition.

Rubik’s 2x2x2 Cube
Single: 12.35
Average: N/A (Didn’t qualify for finals)
Comments: This was a joke for me. I blew 3 solves in a row. Sub-10 avg is so easy to do, and a 12 second qualfiy was very easy to do. I ended up getting 3 solves over 12 seconds, which is ridiculous.

3x3x3 one-handed
Single: 42.16
Average: N/A (Didn’t qualify for finals)
Comments: I am pretty happy with this solve. I missed the cutoff by 2 seconds, but considering that I have never really practiced 1 handed (and I use a 4-7LLL all the time 1 handed), I am happy with it.

Rubik’s Magic
Single: 3.00
Average: 3.52
Comments: I just had this fixed the previous night (thanks Mitchell), so I haven’t practiced in a long time. So I am satisfied. I will improve next time.

Overall: I had a great time meeting all of the people at the event. I know that I couldn’t have solved much worse at this competition, so that means I will improve next competition. Thanks again to all who helped make this event possible.

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