I got a subscription to Joel Comm’s Top 1% Report. It costs like $30 month. I canceled my subscriptions after the first month. The issue I got (September 2008) consisted of 15 informational pages, and 4 advertising pages (they weren’t third party, they were ads related to InfoMedia, Inc.). The quality of the articles was pretty bad. There wasn’t any advanced tips or tricks; it was more newb-related articles on the basics of internet marketing. I have nothing against Joel Comm, but $30 per issue is quite a ridiculous price for how bad this ‘magazine’ really is.

If I could give some suggestions, I’d recommend talking about more advanced tricks, tips, and techniques that can’t be found as easily. I didn’t see anything in the magazine that I couldn’t find online within 1 minute of searching. The printing of the magazine looks like pretty good quality, and perhaps that is driving up the price. I’d suggest putting more time/money into the content, and less into how appealing it looks from the outside. I think you’d be more profitable by posting these articles onto your blog and gaining subscribers from there.

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