One of my sites that has been ranked #1 in Google for a certain phrase for the last 2 years was de-ranked by around 15 slots a couple days ago. I really had no idea why this would be, but it did have a pretty big impact on the traffic to the site. My guess is that Google changed something in their SE algorithm that happened to affect my site. I am ranked #1 in Yahoo and MSN for the same phrase, and my rank didn’t change a bit.  I made no changes to the site in the last couple months, so I know that I didn’t do anything to affect it.  The traffic dropped by around 60%. Yes, the site did reply on SE traffic a lot. I know that relying on SE traffic is definitely not good due to de-ranking possibilities, but it was more of an experiment for me, which ended up making me over $8,000 (more on this in a later post)

Anyways, I ended up experimenting with a couple things over the last couple days, and the site is back up to the 4th rank. I will continue testing some things, and see what happens. I’m guessing I will take over the #1 rank again within a week, and I will make a post with updates.

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