I was reading the other day about Shoemoney saying that SEO has no future because search engines are basically becoming too smart.  I’d have to disagree.  Lets take Google for example.  As they know, millions of people are trying to optimize their sites in hopes of getting high ranked.  Google is trying to find better ways to filter out “bad” sites and provide the most accurate results, particularly on the first page of the results.  However, since Google is using an algorithm to come up with the most accurate results, it will never be perfect.  I see it this way:  As Google’s algorithm gets better, people will get better at working around it.  Shoemoney talks about how Google seems to be using Analytics, Toolsbars, etc. to rank sites.  What does this do?  Analytics provides stats about the sites.  How should that affect ranking?  Should sites will the most visitors be ranked highest? No.  I see SEO having a bright future still.  However, it is getting so competitive that it is becoming very hard to get the spots you want.  The best bet I think is to simply make a webpage for what it is, write good content and provide the webpage for what the users want, and go from there.  Don’t let SEO get in the way of developing your website, optimization will come.

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