Split testing is obviously an essential element in becoming profitable with Facebook Advertising.

  • Once you have an offer you want to advertise, make up an ad, make a graphic to go with it, and target the ad at males at the youngest age you want to target.
  • Once you have that one ad made, create the same ad, but change the demographics to a male with an age range higher than the previous ad.  For example, if the previous as was male 13-17, make this one a male 18-21.  Continue doing this up to 50-60.  Then repeat the same thing for females.
  • Run these ads for a week or so, and see which ones are getting the best CTR and conversion rate.  Then take those demographics that were converting and create 5-10 variations and let the ads run again.  Experiment with different headings and images.  I’ve found that images that are bright tend to get the best CTR.
  • Track, track, track, and then analyze.  It is important to know which ads converted and which didn’t.  Look at the data you have tracked and see which ads were profitable, and which weren’t.  Remove the ones that weren’t profitable (if they had a good CTR, try to use a similar ad on the demographics that are converting).  For the ads that were profitable, split test those over and over.  Get your EPC (earnings per click: revenue/clicks) up, and your profit margin will become greater.

That’s it for now.  I will go more in depth later.

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