I have recently installed an adblock onto my Firefox browser, called AdBlock Plus.  I knew these types of things existed, and I also know that you can turn off viewing scripts in most browsers.  I really made me think about what impact this will have on the advertising world (online).

Today, it seems like most ad networks place ads onto your page by providing you with a script of some sort.  This enables those networks to “read” details off your page, edit formats, accept clicks/views, provide publishers with stats, etc.  This seems like the most logical way to handle these ads.  However, with the growing number of advertising networks, I can see some big time issues arising in the future.  Some places tend to put advertisements on their page that are annoying in one way or another.  Whether this is a popup that is irrelevant, a flashing banner, or an advertisement game of some sort, people hate seeing them.  I have seen a lot of cases where the site will allow you to remove the ads by paying a fee.  Well, that is one reason why this AdBlock Plus was created.  All you have to do is download it (very small, and free), then execute the file, follow through the wizard, and boom, it is installed and working.  This removes pretty much all scripts, from Google Adsense ads, annoying flash ads, YPN Ads, etc.  This satisfies most people’s needs, as they no longer see the annoying ads.  Since the number of websites are growing, the number of ad’s available are growing, and therefore more annoying ads are shown.  Then people install the adblock, and all of it is gone.  This also kills all of the Google/Auction/Yahoo/Azoogle ads.  I can see these adblock plugins becoming very popular in the near future, and which will therefore turn into less clicks/views of ads (which are actually good, such as Google), which equals less money.   What do you think about this?

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