The summer has been great.  I made way more money than I spent, I’ve traveled probably more than ever, and I even have an extra month of summer left.  Since I am studying in the UK next year, I gained about 40 days extra of summer.

A quick recap of my summer: Finals ended in early May.  Until May 25th or so, I stayed at my house in Golden and worked on affiliate marketing and played ice hockey.  In early June, I went to Albuquerque, NM for a wedding.  In late June I went to Dallas , TX for another wedding.  During this time my affiliate marketing went quite well 😉 (we’ll leave it at that).  In early July, I attempted to climb Crestone Peak from the town of Crestone (~6,000 ft ascent).  Later in July, I stayed in Alamosa, sand boarded at the Great Sand Dunes, and went fishing.  In late July, I went back to my house in Golden, went to the Aurora Summer Rubik’s Competition (which I won 4 events, including the 3×3), and then in the last days of July moved out of my house.  In addition to late July, I climbed Grays Peak and Torrey’s Peak (both 14,000+ feet) in the same day.  On July 30th, my family and I celebrated my brothers birthday by going to a Rod Stewart concert in Denver, CO.  In early August, I stayed in Alamosa, went to the Dunes again, and went fishing again.  In mid August, I flew to San Fransisco, CA for US Nationals Rubik’s Competition.  I got back on the 17th, and then last weekend went camping near Leadville, CO.  On Saturday, I climbed Mount Elbert – the tallest mountain in Colorado and the second tallest in the lower 48 states.  I did a cube solve at the top, you can see the video below:

So, another month left.  I still have a lot to do.  In mid September, I’ll be flying to Manchester, UK and will start school about 2 weeks later.  And then about 2 weeks into school, I will be flying to Germany for the 2009 Rubik’s Cube World Championship.  It should be a good time.

Here’s to a great summer, and much, much more ahead!

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