So today I login to my email, check out this email I got (unedited):

From: The Senate House ([email protected])
To: Undisclosed receipients;
Subject: $6.8 Million Dollars Award!!! (Reply to email:[email protected] )
This is to officially inform you that ATM Card with a fund worth $6.8 Million Dollars has been accredited in your
favor, Please Contact Mrs. Kathy A Sassi ([email protected]) With the following,
Full Name:
Delivery Address:
Phone Number:

Best Regards.
Senator David Mark.

Honestly, how stupid can you get? Tons of people are familiar with these types of emails, but tons aren’t. A couple of things I want to point out in this email:
1) Why from the Senate House? Come on….
2) $6.8M reward, but reply to some other address, which just happens to be a free address.
3) “Officially inform you”….. man, you can’t sound much more fake than that.
4) Kathy Sassi???? Last I checked, no one in the Senate had that name. Oh wait, this is probably a different country.
5) I find it funny how they contact me saying I have this award, yet they ask for all this info as if they have no idea who I am.
6) David Mark…. I did a quick search, apparently he is the president of the Senate in Nigeria….no surprise there.

Even though I find all of these things crazily wrong with this email, the fact of the matter is that people really fall for this…. and tons of them. There are so many people that aren’t familiar with what is online and how easy it is to portray someone that you really aren’t. But anyways, for people who write these, how stupid can you get? How can you live with yourself knowing that you are trying to rip people off?

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