I think Facebook Advertising is quite an amazing platform: you can essentially get 100,000+ impressions and 100+ clicks on your ad within 12 hours of putting an ad up for little to no money (with coupons).  If you plan on creating an account, I’d highly suggest finding a ton of coupons that you can try when you create your account because many coupons expire 24 hours after you create your account.

One thing that absolutely sucks about Facebook Advertising is the approval method(s).  Getting ads approved can be quite ridiculous.  I have sent in an ad that got approved in like 2 hours, and then I wanted to change the destination URL so I created a new ad that was exactly the same with the same destination URL except I added a SUBID to it, and that one got denied.  The way they approve is very poor.  If I was a business owner and wanted to advertise, I would probably not waste my time trying to get ads approved, it is a long waste of time.  However, I am doing it for affiliate marketing and such, so getting an ad approved and putting time into it is a learning process for future projects.

As I mentioned above, destination URLs are impossible to change (as far as I know).  You have to create a whole new ad.  There are ways around this, such as cloaking or using Prosper202, but if you are direct linking, it pretty much sucks.

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