It is March 20th, and I am sitting in my room in my flat in Leeds thinking about all the great memories I have had over the last 7 months, and all the great memories yet to come.  It is absolutely crazy to think that it is already March 20th.  Since mid-February, I have been thinking about time a lot, and it seems the more I think about it, the faster it goes.  This is strange since I’ve always thought that if you think about time, it goes by slower.  “Time flies when you’re having fun” I thought was always true since when you’re having fun, you’re not thinking about time.  Now I am left unsure why time seems to go by faster/slower sometimes.

Perhaps I am thinking about it more because I realize that the end is near.  I leave for Spring break in 5 days, and when I get back, April will be more than half way over.  Class starts shortly after, and 3 weeks later, it is time to study for finals.  After finals, the semester is over.  Once the semester is over, I will most likely have 1 month to do as I please, but many of my friends in Leeds will have left home.  I plan to travel a bit of the UK and Europe with my family in June.  By the time July comes, my time in England will come to an end.

This experience has been so amazing so far that I don’t want it to end.  Leeds is the perfect place for university; everything about it – the people and how liberated they are, the culture, and scenary, and just the overall quality of the life here.  I will writeup a nice post before I leave.

It’s time to enjoy the remaining months I have.  Expect some nice pictures of my euro-trip when I get back (21 days of straight travel, all around Europe).  The trip is as follows:

Leeds, England >> Paris, France >> Zurich, Switzerland >> Munich, Germany >> Salzburg, Austria >> Vienna (Wein), Austria >> Prague (Praha), Czech Republic >> Leeds, England

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