The first month of 2014 is over, and I hope you’ve all been making the most of it. 2014 for me so far has been quite relaxing, but also insightful.  I’m had a lot of time to think, learn, and enjoy time with friends.  My good friend from the US moved out to Thailand in early January, and the month has mostly been filled with great nights, and relaxing days.  While I’ve taken a small break from “work”, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time working on my hobbies, and coming up with ideas and plans for the future.

I returned from a month in the Philippines last month, and am still working on the trip report for that.  Shortly after I moved to a new place nearby that was a bit bigger, though still very reasonably priced. I’ve been settling into it nicely.  In February we were planning on spending a month in India, but those plans fell through as one of our friends couldn’t make it.  Due to my visa situation, we decided to postpone a longer trip for a couple months and instead do a week trip to Malaysia.  A break from the city always clears and opens your mind a bit.  I’m hoping to hit the wilderness soon and perhaps camp some national parks.

I’ve added a “resources” page to this blog.  Just contains many of the things I enjoy and use, and that you may find useful as well.  If you have use something that you think I’d find useful or be interested in, please let me know.  I’m constantly looking for more tools and things to read that provide valuable insight.

New RC Copter

I recently came across a new remote controlled quadcopter, called the Phantom 2 Vision.  It is one of the first affordable, easy to use copter that you can do amazing things with.  Checkout this video below:

Richard Barrow, an expat living in Bangkok, has been using one and posting pictures on  Checkout the about page for more info.  I expect these to sell very very well and allow people to capture some amazing things.  I’m considering getting one – the only thing stopping me is that it won’t be that easy to travel with.

Good Reads Lately:

And not a read, but a link to Kiva. Lend money to Kiva so undeveloped countries can grow – lend money to growing entrepreneurs. It’s free, and easy. Make a difference here.

Keep learning, keep meeting new people, keep getting better. Enjoy.


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