I was looking over US Open site and looked at the times you needed to qualify for the finals…. I am amazed:
3×3 Speedsolve: 24 second solve (best of 3)
3×3 One-Handed: 40 second solve (best of 2)
3×3 Blindfolded: 3.5 Minutes (Best of 2)
4×4 Speedsolve: 1.5 Minutes (Best of 2)
5×5 Speedsolve: 3 Minutes (Best of 2)

Several of those are quite low, just take the 4×4 Speedsolve for example, if you can average under 1:30 officially, you will be ranked at most 64th in the world, according to the results. I am thinking the reason why these times are so low is due to the expectations of the show…. it should be quite a competition.

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