I received my V-Cubes today (see pictures below). All of them feel free pretty good…. should get better overtime.

About shipping: All of the boxes were pretty well beat up, one of the center caps of the 7×7 was off when I got the package. The way they were mailed was a little cheap, in my opinion. 4 boxes inside of a bag, for some fragile items like these? Out of all the transactions I have done online, this was one of the worst packing jobs I’ve ever seen. If I had paid say $10-$20 for shipping, I would understand, but I paid $51. Overall though, the got the cubes and they work, so I am happy.

6x6 7x7 vcubes v-cubes
6x6 7x7 vcubes v-cubes
6x6 7x7 vcubes v-cubes

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