Awhile back I begin looking into writing something that would crawl my sites, an attempt to affiliate any outgoing link that could be affiliated.  Especially for some of the sites that send TON’s of outbound traffic from my sites.  I found that many thousands of dollars were being spent via traffic that came from my sites.  After looking around in an attempt to build such a tool, I came across VigLink.  VigLink essentially does just as I said, with the expense being that they take a portion of the commission that is generated via the outbound links.  They basically will affiliate any link that can possibly be affiliated, including Amazon, eBay, and Share-a-Sale (which has over 12,000 merchants to affiliate with).

So, if you have a site that has a lot of outbound traffic, there is really no point in not using VigLink.  You also have the option to essentially disable VigLink on any link that you already have affiliated.  For example, if you already have your site setup to affiliate any eBay link, when you setup VigLink, it won’t re-affiliate that, so essentially you are maximizing your commission.  If they re-affiliated it, you would be paying the middle-man (VigLink), which would be pointless.

Crazy story, small world.  When I was in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West last month, I went to a session, and one of the speakers was the guy who created VigLink, which was eventually bought out by Google.  It was interesting hearing from him, and that speaker panel was probably the best session that I attended.

If you have a site and aren’t getting reimbursed for outbound traffic you send, I’d highly recommend you checkout VigLink.

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