The other day I received my first issue of Website Magazine in the mail.  Last night was the first opportunity I had to look through it and read some of the articles in it.  I have to say, this magazine is very good, especially for being free.

I noticed that all of the advertisements in the magazine at blended nicely, and are quite relevant to the magazine topic.  I ended up going through the magazine and checking out nearly all the advertisers websites, and found a lot of great info on them.  Lots of nice companies I have never heard of were represented there, and I will definitely look into them more.  I noticed some of the links that were in the ads didn’t work, such as Ezanga’s ad listing on page 43.

Each article in the magazine is written well, and contains great information.  This magazine is loaded with great articles, and advertisements, which are quite nice.  I support Website Magazine 100%.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, I’d highly suggest going there and signing up for next issue either as an e-Magazine or by mail, at

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