I rarely watch TV, but when I do, it is either for sports or 60 Minutes.  I try to limit sports to once a day, or once every other day, but often I only watch once a week for a couple hours.  60 Minutes is on once a week, every Sunday, but often they feature repeat stories so I don’t watch them all.

If you haven’t heard or watch 60 Minutes, you should.  Not only does it provide a nice break from sitting at a chair on the computer, but it provides interesting insight into the world around us.  I often find that news in general is a waste of time.  It isn’t necessarily important to watch the local news or national news (I never watch the news, I browse Google News once a day and check Digg once a day, in addition to being subscribed to the TechCrunch blog for tech-related news).  60 Minutes does investigations into politics, the economy, and the world, and also does in-depth interviews of different people around the world.  Taken from the 60 Minutes Wikipedia article:

“The format of 60 Minutes consists of three long-form news stories, without superimposed graphics. There is a commercial break between two stories. The stories are introduced from a set which has a backdrop resembling a magazine story on the same topic. The show undertakes its own investigations and follows up on investigations instigated by national newspapers and other sources.”

I always finish an episode of 60 Minutes thinking to myself about all the things that the episode enlightened me on.  For example, there was an episode a few months back on medicare/medicade fraud and how easy it is to steal millions of dollars from the US Government (the tax payers).  60 Minutes featured a man who stole $22M.  The people that were interviewed said the people who are stealing this money are the people who would be stealing cars if they weren’t frauding medicare/medicade.  The means in which the fraud happened opened my eyes to how easy it would be, and how vulnerable much of our government system is (this fraud alone costs $60B/year).  This is just one segment of one episode, and it was quite interesting.

All the episodes are available to watch online at anytime on the 60 Minutes site.  There are minute long adverts throughout the episode, but it often only takes about 45 minutes to watch an entire episode.

If you’re interested in the world around us, the major events that affect us, and quality insight into worldwide political and economical happenings, 60 Minutes is a great show to watch, and only takes about 45 minutes a week.

Some of my favorite segments, even though there are many more:
Birdmen – Base jumping and with wing suits
Alex Honnold – Free solo rock climber – probably one of the world’s best

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